What is Augusta’s Agenda?

Augusta’s Agenda was created as a project to examine ways to improve our socio-economic status by creating an agenda that can be used to lead our community and improving Augusta.

We started by identifying and clarifying topics that could be the foundation of an agenda. Part one focused on the identification of “talking points” or items that have been identified as needing further study. The identified topics were gathered through over 200 hours of meetings and discussions with over 100 established government, community and religious leaders. These leaders were asked, “What do you think are the biggest problems facing our local community?” which resulted in an initial list being created. Over a several months long process, the list has been tweaked, massaged, adjusted and eventually evolved into subject matter that serves as the basis for the primary topics of the project and the basis for our agenda. The topics are not meant to be an all-inclusive list of items of concern for our community as there are several relevant and important areas that may not be mentioned. Instead, it is a compilation of thoughts, ideas and issues that most of the participants wanted to see discussed.

Part two of the project looks to investigate, research, and analyze the identified topics. The Talented Tenth Community Leadership Development Program will be asked to contribute by committing to spearhead the conversation, each participant taking one of the topics for further attention. Each individual will be asked to author a narrative that explains, creates awareness, makes recommendations and in some instances offers solutions to their identified topic. If funding is available, we will design, print, and publish our conclusions and present them to the community in 2021, along with publishing the results on the Augusta’s Agenda website.